Friday, October 5, 2012

You aren't a billionaire, at least not yet!

If you're a billionaire, and you've already gained renown across traditional and new media, then you can get away with a website that leaves little or nothing to desire.  Caleb Melby, with Forbes, takes a blunt approach with his article:  The Top 5 Ugliest Billionaire Websites.
Some of the world’s ultra-wealthy boast websites that are so outdated and so bizarre that one can only stare in wonderment at their audacity. Here they are:
Warren Buffet ($46 billion)

Elon Musk ($2.4 billion)

David Cheriton ($1.3 billion)

Nadhmi Auchi ($1.5 billion)

Carl Berg ($1 billion)

The link to Cheriton's site, that Melby provided, was no longer live.  But the site I found (linked, above) looks even more spartan, as it doesn't even have his photo.

An awesome website (image credit)

Chances are, you aren't a billionaire, at least not yet.  So you ought to take care, and make sure you have an appealing, functional website to serve your purpose.  No doubt, such a website will help you build your financial empire!